"Mit Andy Nanz' Atelier betritt man ein eigenes Universum. Der Raum scheint sich auf geheimnisvolle Weise auszudehnen: Wandgrosse Fotos von Wolken oder Wäldern suggerieren Weite"



Jérôme Stern

Zürichsee Zeitung


"Andy Nanz overlays large digital images with acrylic, and then on occasion augments the image again with collaged wooden strips and panels. The three dimensional quality of the work is alluring, and calming. Muted colours also seem to reflect an influence from natural world."


Suzanne Eustace,

MA Arts Administration


"His artworks combine diverse material, from MDF to new and old wood, from Acrylic to prints. A very personal style, the final result are rectilinear and with 3D effect."


Zohartze Palacio